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Joe DiGenova sets off fireworks: ‘Dems don’t care if they sacrifice a fine man… I say to them, I hope you all rot in Hell’

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Joe DiGenova turned a blowtorch on Democrats for their treatment of Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, declaring they could “all rot in hell” for sacrificing a “fine man.”

The former US Attorney for the District of Columbia delivered his scathing rebuke of Democrats in a discussion with Fox News’ Steve Hilton on “The Next Revolution” Sunday.

“I don’t think there’s any doubts that the Democrats have purposely designed this process to be an affront to dignity of the senate and its proceedings,” DiGenova said during a panel discussion that included liberal hack Richard Fowler.

“Senator Feinstein has been a senator for a very long time. She didn’t accidentally mess this up. This was a purposeful plan. She designed it this way. When she said her staff didn’t leak it doesn’t matter what she says. A Democrat leaked the information to the media. That’s all that matters,” he continued, adding that there will soon be a “showdown” in the vote to confirm the judge.

“And the bottom line is this. The Democrats created this problem. They’re happy about it. This is the kind of politics they love and they want,” DiGenova said.

“The accidental leaking of her name by Democrats is just a part of a system that they have designed. They want power. They’ll do anything to get it,” he said. “And they don’t care if they sacrifice a fine man and his wife and their two lovely daughters. And I say to them I hope you all rot in hell.”

Fowler instantly condemned DiGenova, stating, “This is absurd” as soon as he stopped talking.

“What is absurd about what I said?” DiGenova demanded as Fowler fired back, “Excuse me, I’m talking!”

The fiery exchange continued as host Steve Hilton tried to regain control. He ultimately gave the last word to Fowler who, unsurprisingly, never addressed what was so “absurd” about DiGonova’s denouncement of the divisive tactics used by Democrats in Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

Viewers, it seems, were behind DiGenova and applauded his unflinching rebuke of the left even as they blasted Hilton for cutting him off.

Frieda Powers


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