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‘I’m a victim of sexual assault’: Kellyanne candidly reveals secret to CNN. Libs immediately call her a liar.

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While speaking Sunday morning on CNN in defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who’s been accused without evidence of having sexually assaulted three women, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway revealed she’s a survivor of sexual assault.

“I feel very empathetic, frankly, for victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape,” she said to host Jake Tapper before pausing for a second and clearing her throat. “I’m a victim of sexual assault.”

But, she continued, that doesn’t make it right for her to blindly blame anybody for her assault all willy-nilly. It’s only right to blame the actual perpetrator, she argued.

“I don’t expect Judge Kavanaugh or Jake Tapper or (Republican Sen.) Jeff Flake or anybody to be held responsible for that. You have to be responsible for your own conduct,” she said.

Her statement may have been an indirect reference to claims by radical left-wing activists that every Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee who voted Friday to advance Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Senate floor is a “rape apologist.”

Though Kavanaugh has not been convicted of sexual assault — let alone proven to have committed sexual assault — the far-left has already judged him to be guilty and decided that anyone who still supports his confirmation is essentially guilty as well.

As an actual survivor of sexual assault, this attitude has exasperated Conway, as has the media’s disingenuous willingness to compare the unblemished SCOTUS nominee to actual sex abusers like Harvey Weinstein, among others.

“This is not Bill Cosby. Those comparisons on your network are disgrace, and the anchor should have called them out. This is not even Bill Clinton,” she said, referencing two men for whom the evidence of their abuse is indisputable.

She also took aim at the two Soros-funded activists who had confronted Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator prior to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote Friday.

“This is partisan politics. I want those women who were sexually assaulted and confronting Jeff Flake, God bless them, but go blame the perpetrator. That’s who is responsible for our sexual assaults — the people who commit them,” she added.

When Tapper then expressed shock at Conway being so candid about her own experiences, she bluntly replied, “Well, I’m just had it with it all being the same.”

Speaking of some things never changing, the left’s response to her admission about the sexual assault she once experienced was deplorable, as usual:

Way to keep it classy …

Vivek Saxena


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