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Coons and Flake yuk it up on stage after his GOP betrayal: ‘Feel free to join me in an elevator any time’

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Sen. Jeff Flake, the Trump-hating liberal Republican from Arizona who bought the Democratic Party another week to kill the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, was seen making light of what may prove to be a pivotal moment in the presidency of Donald Trump.

Appearing at the Global Citizens Festival on Saturday, alongside Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., Flake invited the crowd to “feel free to join me in an elevator any time.”

Amid a smattering of boos, someone in the crowd was then heard calling out, “F*ck you!”

That the senator was smiling and laughing while on stage with Coons betraying the gravity of his actions just one day earlier.

Flake originally announced Friday that he would vote to confirm Kavanaugh out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, but was later cornered by two screaming liberal activists from the George Soros-funded left-wing group Center for Democracy as he was exiting an elevator.

Not having the wherewithal to move past the unhinged activists, who apparently have free rein to run the hallways of government, Sen. Flake stood there like a deer caught in the headlights for four minutes while the two women berated him.

After returning to the hearing and conferring privately with Democrats, he backed off his earlier statement, saying he’d vote to advance Kavanaugh to the Senate floor, but called for a delay in the floor vote until an FBI investigation can be held.

While sharing the stage with his Democratic colleague, Flake talked about how their personal relationship led up to the “politics of compromise that prevailed” on Friday — a reference to his sell out on Kavanaugh.

Meanwhile, an argument can be made that Flake’s action was a manifestation of his hatred of President Trump. His last chance to strike a fatal blow by giving Democrats an extra week to kill the Kavanaugh nomination.

If successful, the result may very well be a major voter backlash against Republicans for blowing the confirmation, culminating in the Democratic Party assuming control of both chambers of Congress and impeaching Trump.

But, by all means … keep yucking it up.


Tom Tillison


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