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Fox hosts under fire for praising Ford’s ‘credible’ testimony – not everyone saw it the same way

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The reactions to Christine Blasey Ford’s first hour of testimony Thursday afternoon were mixed, with some finding her testimony credible and others not so much.

Among those who found  her testimony credible were Fox News hosts Chris Wallace and Brett Baier. While speaking during a break in the testimony, both expressed being touched by her delivery.

“You read the opening statement from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and it is one thing. But then you hear it, and in the way that she expresses it — and anybody can be critical or not — but it’s a totally different thing after you hear it,” Baier argued.

“This was extremely emotional, extremely raw, and extremely credible … This is a disaster for the Republicans,” Wallace concurred.


Many, many, many Americans disagreed, and for a variety of reasons. Some accused her of using a “fake crying voice” and further noted that not once did she shed an actual tear during the proceeding.



Others noted that she had yet to offer any substantive evidence that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had once sexually assaulted her. Instead she seemed be relying on “fake tears” to make her case. And judging by Baier and Wallace’s statement, they’d bought these tears hook, line and sinker.

It brings to mind this famous scene from the animated sitcom “The Simpsons”:

A hearing should be based on facts and reason, not emotional platitudes. Yet this fundamental point seemed to fly right over the heads of Baier and Wallace.

Many on social media were not pleased:


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