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Christine Ford raises a lot of eyebrows when she waffles on who paid for polygraph test

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Christine Blasey Ford admitted taking  a polygraph test last month was “extremely stressful” but she was unable to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee who paid for it.

During testimony before lawmakers on Thursday, Ford was asked about the test which was administered in August while discussing details of the allegation she made that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her over 30 years ago at a party when they were in high school.


The Senate Judiciary Committee received the results of the test which indicated “no deception” on her part.

But when asked by Rachel Mitchell, the prosecutor selected by the Committee to assist Republican lawmakers in questioning, about who paid for the polygraph test, Ford was unsure.

Townhall Editor and Fox News contributor, Katie Pavlich, tweeted the exchange as it happened.

Ford’s responses seemed to raise more questions than answers.

Upon return from a recess, Mitchell asked Ford to clarify who her remark about who paid for the polygraph test.

The retired FBI agent who administered Ford’s polygraph test said he only asked her two questions: “Is any part of your statement false?” and “Did you make up any part of your statement?”

Jeremiah Hanafin told Shannon Bream on “Fox News @ Night” Wednesday that he allowed Ford to recount her story during the test in August with little follow-up.

“When you do your interview before the polygraph, especially on a victim, you don’t ask a lot of follow-up questions. It’s kind of a heinous thing that’s happened that they are alleging,” Hanafin said. “So you want to get the general facts. So to continue to ask questions and pry, you don’t want someone to get too emotional, especially a victim.”

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