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Hostile, screaming crowd chases Ted Cruz and his wife out of posh DC restaurant over upcoming vote

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Sen. Ted Cruz became the latest victim of harassment by leftist protesters as he and his wife were forced to leave a restaurant because of the hostile crowd.

“We believe survivors! We believe survivors!” shouted members of a group who assailed the Texas Republican at a Washington, D.C. restaurant on Monday.

Videos of the incident were posted to the Twitter page of a group called “Smash Racism DC.”

The group shouted at Cruz as he entered the restaurant and approached the table where he sat with his wife, Heidi, repeatedly shouting, “We believe survivors!”


“Hi, I’d love to talk to with about Brett Kavanaugh tonight. I’m a constituent, love to know what your vote is gonna be tonight. I know that you’re very close friends with Mr. Kavanaugh,” a woman off camera could be heard saying. “Do you believe survivors?”

“Senator, I have a right to know what your position is on Brett Kavanaugh,” she continued.

“God bless you, ma’am,” Cruz could be heard responding over the shouting.

“Bless you as well, I really appreciate you,” the woman replied. “I’m a survivor of sexual assault, mam. I believe all survivors. There are now three people who have come forward and who have said that Brett Kavanaugh has attacked them. I know that you’re close friends with him. Could you talk to him about that? Could you talk to him about his position?”

“Let’s go ahead and go,” Cruz told his wife as they attempted to exit the restaurant.

“How are you gonna vote sir?” the woman continued.

“Vote no on Kavanaugh!” one protester shouted. “Cancel Kavanaugh for women’s rights.”

At one point, one protester could be heard off camera saying, “Beto’s way hotter than you, dude!” referring to Cruz’s Democratic challenger for his U.S. Senate seat, congressman Beto O’Rourke.

“Excuse me, let my wife through,” Cruz said, pushing his way through the mob.

“Sexist, racist, anti-gay!” yelled another classless protester.

The group cheered as the senator left with his wife and as a restaurant employee asked the hostile group to leave because the area is a “private space.”

Cruz, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has called for one of Kavanaugh’s accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, to testify.

“These allegations are serious and deserve to be treated with respect,” Cruz said in a statement, according to The Texas Tribune. “Professor Ford should have a full opportunity to tell her story before the Judiciary Committee, and Judge Kavanaugh should have a full opportunity to defend himself.”

The disruptive hecklers at the Washington restaurant certainly got the attention they were seeking but they were summarily bashed on Twitter by both sides of the aisle for their “unhinged” behavior.

Frieda Powers


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