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Dershowitz outraged by Ford’s demands, partisan assault on Kavanaugh: ‘This is the most fundamental denial of due process’

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Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz trashed the unsubstantiated, 11th hour accusations of wrongdoing against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as an unprecedented, “un-American” assault on due process.

Specifically, Dershowitz slammed Christine Blasey Ford’s initial insistence that she speak AFTER Kavanaugh at the Senate hearing, calling it “insane.”

“The idea that he goes first? I want to hear from the American Civil Liberties Union!” Dershowitz told Fox Business. “Where are they? This is the most fundamental denial of due process.”


Dershowitz, a lifelong liberal and internationally recognized Constitutional Law expert, called Christine Blasey Ford’s unreasonable demands “un-American” and absurd.

“Every civil libertarian in the country — liberal, conservative, Republican, or Democrat, led by the Civil Libertarian Union — should be outraged by this demand. It is so un-American,” said Dershowitz, the author of the bestselling book, “The Case Against Impeaching Trump.”

He continued: “You’re the accuser. You get on the witness stand. You testify. You make your accusation. You get cross-examined, then the accused responds. It turns the entire legal system on its head. It is insane to ask an accused person to deny the accusation before he has heard the accusation being made and cross-examined.”

Christine Ford has since backed off her initial demand that Judge Kavanaugh testify first. But over the weekend, a second accuser has come forward to level even shakier accusations against Kavanaugh.

A woman named Deborah Ramirez now claims that Judge Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a drunken dorm party when they were undergraduates at Yale in 1982 or 1983.

However, Ramirez’s shaky story is already falling apart, as BizPac Review has reported.

Notably, Ramirez said she cannot remember specific details of the alleged incident and confessed that “there are significant gaps in her memories of the evening” because she was drunk at the time.

Moreover, the New Yorker magazine (to whom Deborah Ramirez ran to with her unsubstantiated accusations) admitted that it did not confirm with other eyewitnesses if Brett Kavanaugh was even at the party in question.

Judge Kavanaugh has categorically denied the last-minute accusations against him, and several classmates have come forward denying the incident took place.

Even the Trump-hating New York Times could not confirm Deborah Ramirez’s claims.

The Democrats have repeatedly shown they are operating in bad faith. Republicans, it is time to take the vote.



Second Kavanaugh accuser comes forward: Her flimsy claims immediately fall apart

Samantha Chang


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