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Homecoming ‘king’ and ‘queen’ officially dead. Gender neutrality kills another time-honored tradition.

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On Saturday an Indiana university ranked as being among the best for engineering, education and business programs held its first-ever gender-neutral homecoming in a bid to promote gender equality.

As a result, the winners of Purdue University’s 2018 homecoming were crowned “homecoming royalty” instead of “king” and “queen” during halftime festivities at a game Saturday in West Lafayette against visiting Boston College.

The winners wound up being a male and female anyway: Grant Wood and Lily Bishop.

The Journal & Courier noted that historically, the Spirits and Traditions committee that handles homecoming preparations receives more female candidates than male. This year the number of male candidates was especially low, and since their credentials weren’t that impressive, the committee opted to make homecoming gender-neutral so females could replace their spots in the competition.

“The current candidates we chose had better resumes, better applications and better represented Purdue so we wanted to give it to them rather than giving it to two other male candidates just because they’re male,” committee director John Brock explained.

According to student Adam Cullers, who was reportedly one of this year’s candidates, future winners could literally be anything, including so-called “non-binary.”

“Not only does it open opportunities for students who are non-binary or third gender but also for more diverse students,” student Adam Cullers said.

“Cullers, who was the Team Supervisor for Boiler Gold Rush International, said he hopes this opens the door for more international students and other minority groups. He’s already started scouting for future leaders in his friend groups, especially those from African-American or Asian student groups who may not have felt represented in the past,” the Courier noted.

It’s unclear how removing the notion of gender differences from Purdue University’s homecoming competition will benefit racial diversity.

The reaction on social media to the school’s decision to essentially abandon biological science has been mostly negative or humorous, especially since a man and woman wound up winning anyway:

Taking a cue from failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Cilnton, homecoming candidate Lindsay Neufer blamed this negative feedback on “rural” people.

“I definitely know a lot of people who are confused by the court. I think being located in rural Indiana made people (here) a little surprised,” she said.

She seemed to be implying that those from rural parts of Indiana are ignorant “deplorables.” But it’s not that at all. It’s just that a lot of Americans think the ongoing push by progressives to make everything “gender-neutral” is backwards and stupid.

Vivek Saxena


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