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Elizabeth Warren cashes in on Kavanaugh accuser; shamelessly fundraises off sex claims

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Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is trying to cash in on Christine Blasey Ford’s 11th hour groping accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh before her Senate hearing, where her shaky testimony could totally discredit her.

In a fundraising email, Warren shamelessly panhandled for money while using Ford’s 36-year-old allegations as emotional blackmail: “Christine Blasey Ford has done a brave thing in coming forward. She deserves to be heard and treated with respect. Now it’s the Senate’s job to make sure that happens.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren fundraised off Christine Blasey Fords' dubious accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.
Like a parasitic leech, Elizabeth Warren fundraised off Christine Blasey Fords’ dubious accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

The bottom of Warren’s parasitic mass-email plea provided a link for liberals to donate to her political campaign, the Washington Times reported.

Predictably, Warren has remained silent about the recent, credible domestic violence accusations leveled against DNC deputy chair Keith Ellison by two former girlfriends.

Warren has also never condemned Bill Clinton over the multiple rape and sexual assault allegations brought against him over the decades.


Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren is locked in a heated race for her Senate seat against Republican challenger, Shiva Ayyadurai.

Ayyadurai, an Indian-American entrepreneur, has repeatedly urged Warren to take a DNA test to prove her claims that she’s part Native-American, as BizPac Review previously reported.

Warren has been widely mocked for claiming she’s part-Cherokee Indian. “Pocahontas” Warren once cited her “high cheekbones” as proof of her bogus ethnicity.

Warren reportedly used her fake Native-American heritage to benefit from affirmative action hiring programs that should have benefited actual Native-Americans. Exhaustive investigations have turned up no evidence that “Faux-cahontas” is Native-American.

In May 2018, Debbie “White Dove” Porreco — a real-life descendant of Pocahontas — also urged Senator Warren to take a DNA test to settle the controversy over her dubious Native-American lineage.

“I just wish she’d take the DNA test,” Porreco told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “If she was American Indian, I would be the first one to welcome her into our heritage.”


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