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Dan Bongino: Kavanaugh should be ‘preparing to sue the living snot’ out of some people …

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Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino unleashed a tweetstorm in defense of Brett Kavanaugh, saying the US Supreme Court nominee should be ready “to sue the living snot” out of those who’ve defamed him.

The conservative commentator addressed Republican lawmakers who are “grossly misreading” the sentiments of the nation as they continue to accommodate demands by Christine Blasey Ford, the woman claiming that a drunken Kavanaugh groped her during a house party nearly four decades ago when they were in high school.

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Bongino warned “there will be serious blowback” in a tweet on Saturday following Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley’s announcement that he was extending the deadline for Ford to decide to testify.

Bongino later tweeted that if he were Kavanaugh he would be getting ready for some legal action.

He then took another shot with a reference to Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison who continues to campaign to serve as Minnesota’s next attorney general despite sexual assault allegations against him by former girlfriends.

Democrats have been mum about any investigations into the congressman and Karen Monahan, who was in a relationship with Ellison until 2016 and has proof of his violent attack against her, said Democrats won’t give her the time of day.

Meanwhile, in a post-primary debate on Friday Ellison attempted to discredit both Monahan and Amy Alexander, another former girlfriend accusing him.

Bongino was on a roll as he leveled another rebuke Saturday against Sen. Jeff Flake, accusing the Arizona Republican of attempting to “destroy a once-in-a-generation opportunity” with Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Twitter users were on board with Bongino’s defense of Kavanaugh in the midst of the smear campaign by Democrats.

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