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Actor James Woods reportedly locked out of Twitter account for ‘offensive’ tweet after calling CEO a ‘coward’

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Outspoken Hollywood actor James Woods was reportedly locked out of Twitter on Thursday after he posted what appeared to be a satirical meme that made fun of so-called soy boys, i.e., limp-wristed liberal men devoid of testosterone, confidence and really everything else that makes a man a man.

Claims that Woods was suspended were first reported by Sara Miller, a Twitter user who purports to be the actor’s girlfriend. She posted a screenshot of the actor’s tweet, a screenshot of the message he received from Twitter and a statement from him to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.


While no official news media outlet had picked up the story by Saturday morning, Woods’ usually very active Twitter account was notably absent of any new tweets. The last time he posted anything was Thursday, the same day his account was reportedly suspended.

According to Miller, Woods is currently unable to login, access his timeline or tweet anything. He’s also reportedly unable to access and delete the offending tweet, despite a message from Twitter saying that he must delete it for his suspension to be lifted.

From the sounds of it, Woods believes the tweet — which he reportedly posted in July – should be allowed to stay, especially since there’s nothing offensive about it.

The premise of the tweet is simply that soy boys are such pathetic mongrels that they’d be willing to sacrifice their political votes in support of the left’s fake vision of women’s empowerment. Far more offensive content is routinely posted to Twitter by liberals.

Here are just a couple examples:

Assuming Woods was actually suspended from Twitter, the attention brought to his ordeal by his reported girlfriend, Miller, could help lead to a quick resolution.

Vivek Saxena


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