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‘WHOA-BAMA!’ Dismayed Michelle Obama fans suffer sticker shock over price of book tour tickets

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For a woman who purports to be a people’s champ, former first lady Michelle Obama is demanding a hefty price for the chance to ‘meet-and-greet.’

The latest example of Obama’s narcissistic ways appeared after she announced a  “#IAmBecoming” tour starting Nov. 13 for her upcoming, equally narcissistic memoir, “Becoming.”

While tickets for her tour stops start at $29.95, they quickly rise up to as high as $3,000, if not more, for floor seats and one-on-one meetings. For Obama’s fans on social media, this came as quite a shocker.


Social media user Sharon McGeehan asked a great question: “Why [are these tickets] so expensive for [a] book tour?”

For someone who carries herself as a champion of the poor and downtrodden, you’d think Obama would cut her loyal fans a break. In fact, considering her husband’s socialist tendencies, it’s even more telling that she’s not offering herself to her fans for free.

Just to be clear, at least something needs to be charged to cover overhead expenses. And that’s perfectly fine. Moreover, 10 percent of all receipts from ticket sales will reportedly be donated to local charities. And that’s great.

But this doesn’t explain why Obama is charging thousands for tickets. There’s no way the overhead expenses for her events are that high. So what’s to explain this? The most likely answer is greed:

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, just like fake socialist Bernie Sanders and fake people’s champ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, former first lady Michelle Obama is a greedy capitalist. So is her husband, for that matter. Is there anything inherently wrong with this? Absolutely not. It’s just a shame none of these Democrats have the integrity to be honest with their fans about their true nature.

Vivek Saxena


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