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‘Hold your burgers, hold your fries. Keep your hands off my thighs’: Apparently, fast food has a MeToo problem

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The union front-group Fight for 15 Chicago shared online a list of left-wing social justice demands they are presenting to McDonald’s that go well beyond the hourly wage unskilled fast food workers are paid.

“The demands we’re taking to McD’s: -Enforce your zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment – Train your managers & staff to respond to complaints in a safe manner – Create a committee of wrkrs, corporate, women’s’ right orgs to tackle sexual harassment,” the group tweeted.

Demands that hasten the migration to non-human kiosks, which companies can be sure will not inundate them with expensive sexual harassment lawsuits.

Demands that add to a growing belief the #MeToo movement has been weaponized by the progressive left in furtherance of their radical agenda.

At least McDonald’s was smart enough not to allow the social justice warriors to run roughshod through its Chicago headquarters.

There was an organized walk out Tuesday at McDonald’s restaurants in 10 US cities over claims the fast food company isn’tdoing enough to prevent sexual harassment, according to the BBC.

These staged events typically feature more political activists and union officials than they do actual employees, not that the media bothers to differentiate between them.

In the end, the sexual harassment element is another salvo in a campaign of shame to force the company to relent to paying higher wages.

McDonald’s spokeswoman Andrea Abate told the BBC the company has effective policies in place to address the issue.

“We have policies, procedures and training in place that are specifically designed to prevent sexual harassment at our company and company-owned restaurants, and we firmly believe that our franchisees share this commitment,” Abate said.

One thing is certain, the union-backed campaign can count on full support from a complicit media.

Another certainty is that the left has political theater down to an art form:

And catchy jingles like : “Hold your burgers, hold your fries. Keep your hands off my thighs.”

Tom Tillison


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