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Emmy Awards bizarre diversity skit where they kick off the ‘straight white guy’ and brutally mock themselves

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The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards aired Monday night and featured a star-studded opening number, “We Solved It,” that mocked the entertainment industry for having “solved” its diversity problem.

It didn’t seem to occur to the performers they were mocking themselves for their own politically correct nonsense.

The ensemble featured Kate McKinnon, Kristen Bell, Kenan Thompson, Titus Burgess and Sterling K. Brown, with appearances by Ricky Martin and a token Andy Samberg, who inquired, “Is there any room in this song for a straight white guy like me?”

There wasn’t, as the effeminate white guy was summarily informed that “you can’t be a part of this.”

“Look at us,” Brown joked. “We’re all different in the same way. We solved it! This room is so diverse. From Democrat to liberal Democrat, can I sing another verse?!”

RuPaul also made a guest appearance, only to complain about getting one line — at least he wasn’t booted off the stage like the white guy.

But then, they excluded a woman of color altogether.


The intended message was to emphasize that Hollywood hasn’t solved the alleged diversity problem, with the New York Times noting “the show then emphasized the point by handing out its first 10 awards, and 22 out of 26 overall, to white performers, directors, writers and producers.”

Race dominated the opening monologue by the show’s hosts, Colin Jost and Michael Che, who also paid homage to the #MeToo movement and took the prerequisite shot at comedian Roseanne Barr.

Che, who was keeping score on the color of the evening’s winners, joked his mother “doesn’t watch white awards shows because you guys don’t thank Jesus enough,” and then noted the only white people who thank Jesus nowadays are Republicans and ex-crackheads..

“Six awards, all white winners,” he would lamented later on. “One lady won twice.”

“The first Emmys were held back in 1949,” Jost said. “Things were very different back then,” he said. “Gas was 17 cents a gallon, a new home cost $7,000, and we all agreed that Nazis were bad.”

That he joked about “hundreds” watching at home (as a result of the politicization of awards shows by the left) likely ringing truer that he may think.

Borrowing from the a central tenet of the left’s critical race theory, reparations, Che did a bit on “reparation Emmys,” awarding black performers from the past.

“You know, as a black comedian for so many years, our TV legends and heroes have gone unrecognized,” he stated. “So this year as host, I took it upon myself to finally right some of those wrongs. I present the reparations Emmys.”

And with all the emphasis on the color of skin, race seemed to dominate the online responses — which may have been the whole point:

Tom Tillison


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