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Ocasio-Cortez defends her $4,000 outfit with ‘slaying lewks’ tweet. Candace Owens goes off on her.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York Democratic Party congressional nominee and self-described democratic socialist, fired back after being mocked for wearing expensive clothing at a recent photo shoot.

…which resulted in her being mocked even worse.

In responding to a tweet from Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk that noted the price of her ensemble, Ocasio-Cortez concluded with an immature declaration, considering she’s soon be a member of Congress.

“Get used to me slaying lewks because I am an excellent thrift shopper,” she tweeted.

For the record, Urban Dictionary defines “lewk” as “a guy who is beyond perfect,” or “any outfit you put a special amount of attention into constructing.”

But don’t feel alone if you didn’t know that.

Ocasio-Cortez was ridiculed unmercifully for the tweet, but Turning Point’s Candace Owens, who has previously challenged “the future of the Democratic Party” to debate, went much further in defending her boss, who was labeled “alt-right” by the congressional nominee.

“Stop targeting white men and come defend your bad ideas, coward,” Owens tweeted.

As an aside, Owens also noted: “Anybody using the terminology ‘slaying lewks’ is not fit to be a sitting member of Congress @Ocasio2018. Embarrassingly juvenile.”

And while Owens was deadly serious in her response, others took a different route.

Given the state of politics today — and the personalities being elevated — some see laughter as the best medicine.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:


Of course, leave it to the New York Times to label this ridicule as racially driven “policing of language,” as seen from national politics reporter Astead W. Herndon — and the media doesn’t understand why Americans have so little respect for them.

Tom Tillison


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