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Anita Hill weighs in on sexual allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Right on cue.

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Despite a mountain of evidence that Anita Hill lied when she accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearings nearly three decades ago, the Brandeis University professor still views herself as a victim.

And as an alleged victim, she felt compelled Friday to remark publicly about the spurious allegations that current Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had tried to force himself on a female peer during his time in high school decades ago.

“The reluctance of someone to come forward demonstrates that even in the #MeToo era, it remains incredibly difficult to report harassment, abuse or assault by people in power,” she said in a statement. “Given the seriousness of these allegations, the government needs to find a fair and neutral way for complaints to be investigated.”

“The Senate Judiciary Committee should put in place a process that enables anyone with a complaint of this nature to be heard. I have seen firsthand what happens when such a process is weaponized against an accuser, and no one should have to endure that again.”

But some would argue that what she really saw firsthand was what happens when false accusations are exploited to smear a Supreme Court nominee and prevent his confirmation to the court. And in defending this assertion, they would cite the numerous lies Hill had told during Thomas’s hearings.

Though she accused Thomas of sexually harassing her, evidence shows she made numerous calls to him even after her employment with him ended. Then when questioned about these calls, she denied making them. Hill also reportedly followed Thomas from job to job and lied five times about a related unspecified matter before finally admitting the truth under oath.

Thomas later vehemently denied Hill’s accusations:

That someone like Hill has stuck up for her may not bode well for Kavanaugh’s accuser and her allegations, which some argue also appear to be a farce. The proof, they claim, is the FBI’s reported decision to essentially dismiss the allegations.

Because of this and other reasons, believe that the latest bout of allegations are nothing but “Anita Hill Part 2,” in that it’s all part of another Democrat smear campaign rooted not in fact, but rather in a perverse desire to stop another conservative from being confirmed to the high court:

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