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Mark Steyn goes off on Feinstein for ‘pathetic’ Kavanaugh stunt: Sad to see her ‘reduced’ to this

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Best-selling conservative author and commentator Mark Steyn slammed Sen. Diane Feinstein, D- Calif., for referring to the FBI a secret letter from a secret person about a secret matter that involves Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, saying that it’s “pathetic” to see the once-respected senator “reduced” to this.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Steyn explained how the 85-year-old senator who has been in office for almost three decades is trying to kowtow to the new bloodthirsty Democratic base, damaging her own reputation in the process.

Host Tucker Carlson pointed out, if Feinstein has information of a potential crime — some 35 years later — why would she send the information to the FBI, which would have no jurisdiction, instead of local authorities.

(Never mind that the letter appeared to be a real nothing-burger.)

“So that tells me right there that this is a crock and it is the worst kind of smear, a smear you can’t rebut against a man with a wife and small children, I’m not sure that I’ve seen anything lower ever,” Carlson said.

Steyn compared the incident to former FBI director James Comey leaking to the press information about the Steele dossier he briefed President Trump on, giving the media pretext to report on the dossier.

“Likewise, Sen. Feinstein releasing as everyone said, the secret letter from a secret person about a secret matter about the high school prom has now given cover for a lot of sexual allegations — we do not know what they are,” he explained. “They were half a lifetime ago, and as you say, it is not something that he can rebut.”

Steyn then got down to the crux of the matter, the hard-left’s disappointment in the outcome of last week’s confirmation hearings.

“The real battle here is that it is between Dianne Feinstein and the new left,” he said. “They were disappointed by the big shot Democrat dinosaur’s performance in the hearing rooms and they want something a little bit more Antifa, a little more black lives matter, a little bit more Bernie Sanders.”

“It is pathetic to see Dianne Feinstein — and I have no idea what she did at her high school prom how many years ago that was — it is pathetic to see Dianne Feinstein reduced to this.”

Carlson said the tactic “is too low, it is disgusting,” adding that “any normal person should be offended.”

“It is. And this high school, I gather this is where [Supreme Court justice] Neil Gorsuch went to school too — that’s where all Supreme Court judges, the preparatory school is for,” Steyn chimed in, heavy on the sarcasm. “So maybe he did something at his prom too, maybe it all goes back to the prom.”

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