Mollie Tibbetts illegal immigrant murder suspect wants taxpayers to foot his legal fees

The illegal immigrant charged with murdering Mollie Tibbetts is reportedly asking American taxpayers to cover the legal costs of his upcoming trial.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera, the suspect charged with the murder of the 20-year-old Iowa student, has asked the government to foot the bill to fight the first-degree murder charges against him, according to RadarOnline.

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Rivera, who allegedly murdered Tibbetts on July 18 near her home in Brooklyn, Iowa, asked the U.S. government for $5,000 from to hire the private investigation firm Gratias Investigations, noting “this amount is probably considerably less than what will actually be necessary to conduct all investigation in this matter,” according to documents obtained by RadarOnline.

Although the reason why Rivera, who was working and living in the US illegally, wants to hire investigators was not disclosed, the judge granted his request for $5,000.

Also from RadarOnline:

The documents also included a handwritten financial affidavit filled out by Rivera himself, revealing a shocking twist – he was born in 1997, not 1994 as he previously told authorities. Rivera’s handwritten statement listed his home address as “jail” and noted that he nor those who reside in his house of horrors have a job or income.


A request for a statement from Gratias Investigations by The New York Post has gone unanswered so far. The Des Moines-based firm is to assist husband-and-wife duo Jennifer and Chad Frese who make up Rivera’s legal team, according to KCCI.

Rivera, who is being held on a $5 million cash bond, was described by his defense attorney as a hard-working “all-American boy.” The attorney for the illegal immigrant, who needs a translator in court because he does not speak English, even tried to attack President Trump because his comments would allegedly “poison the entire possible pool of jury members.”

The attorney, Allan Richards, filed a gag order to stop references to his client as an illegal alien even though the Mexican national had been living illegally in the Poweshiek County area for up to seven years and was known by his employers under a different name.

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