Didn’t get the memo? Hillary full-on pushes debunked lie Kamala was just busted for by PolitiFact

Looks like Hillary Clinton did not get the memo.

The failed Democratic presidential nominee commented on Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh allegedly referring to birth control as “abortion inducing drugs” in a tweet she shared on Tuesday.

The same claim was made last week by Sen. Kamala Harris who came under fire for tweeting edited remarks to attack Kavanaugh on contraception.

But the California Democrat was also slammed by PolitiFact which ruled her claim “false” and the Washington Post which gave the statement four Pinocchios.

Seems Clinton missed the important updates and not only perpetuated the same lie, she added her own clueless spin to the claim.

Clinton even brought Harris back to the front of her tweetstorm, still oblivious to the senator’s embarrassing calling out.

“Let’s be clear,” as Clinton likes to say: there’s no excuse for blatantly spreading lies.

Glenn Kessler, who debunked the statement by Harris for The Washington Post called Clinton out directly.

Many others joined him in condemning her “utter dishonesty.”

Frieda Powers


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