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Dubbed ‘Department of Swagger’: Why everyone’s talking about Mike Pompeo’s email sign off

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Mike Pompeo’s email to State Department staff is drawing attention not for its content but for the way the Secretary of State signed off.

Pompeo ended a message to State Department employees on Monday with the words, “Keep on crushing it.”

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In the note, Pompeo outlined his trip last week to India and Pakistan, writing that “our colleagues there are proud to be on the front lines of moving America’s relationship with India forward.”

“This kind of pride characterizes our team everywhere, resonates with the leaders and people of the world and is a key ingredient in delivering diplomatic wins for our fellow Americans,” he said.

Pompeo’s choice of words to sign-off his note seemed to grab the attention of Twitter users who had some mixed reactions.

Some wondered what effect “crushing it” would have on the “swagger” Pompeo vowed to bring back to the State Department when he arrived shortly after his predecessor, Rex Tillerson, was fired by President Donald Trump.

From the looks of it, America’s top diplomat is fully committed to that promised swagger, launching his Instagram account on Monday with an edited State Departmental seal as the “Department of Swagger.”

He also posted a swagger photo collage of William Shakespeare, General George Patton and himself.

Pompeo’s posts generated another wave of reaction as the debate unfolded on the term and whether #swag was already laid to rest.

Frieda Powers


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