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Dumb and Dumber’s Jim Carrey gets pummeled for his call to ‘say yes to socialism’

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Strange how liberal millionaires who are exempt from the consequences should they prove to be wrong are so eager to espouse the virtues of socialism.

The latest to do so is eccentric– dare we say downright odd — comedian Jim Carrey, who said Friday on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” that Democrats have to “stop apologizing” for being socialists: “We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything.”

Leading the way in responding to Carrey’s decree, which is part of an active campaign to mainstream socialism as it comes to dominate the Democratic Party, is Republican Maria Elvira Salazar, a Cuban-American running for Congress in Miami.

Salazar, whose parents fled communist Cuba, appeared on Fox News to say Carrey, who’s worth a cool $150 million, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed democratic socialist, “have no idea what they’re talking about.”

She called on both to take a trip to Cuba and live with a poor family who does not have running water or electricity after decades under the Castro regime.

“In a week they will really figure out what socialism looks like,” she said, after calling on them to go live with a poor family in Cuba who doesn’t have electricity or running water.

Salazar dismissed the left’s idea that conservatives are “cruel,” while adding some perspective.

“We all want our kids to go to wonderful schools,” she said ” We all want every single American to have a good health care system or coverage, but we cannot expect – in order to help the poor and needy – for the whole country to become needy and poor.”

With Carrey so eager to go down the collective path, conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch posed the obvious question: “Why haven’t you shared all of your wealth yet?”

Of course, as he is wont to do, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was more forthcoming.

“Turn over your millions and then we’ll listen, you brazen hypocrite,” he tweeted.

But then, no one ever accused Michelle Malkin of being less than forthcoming.

“So put your money (@JimCarrey – estimated net worth $150 million), property, and ass where your big mouth is, Jimmy,” tweeted the conservative pundit. “Give up all the comforts of capitalism. Buy yourself a one-way ticket to Caracas. And don’t come back.”

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the odd comedian’s economic advice:


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