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Cartoon of Serena Williams’ tantrum offends the likes of J.K. Rowlings, but was it really ‘racist and sexist’?

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The left is slowly shutting down opposition speech, or any speech that they deem to be inappropriate or offensive to their delicate sensibilities.

Australian political cartoonist Mark Knight found himself under attack from the left, who are upset with his caricature of professional tennis player Serena Williams after her well publicized meltdown — see tantrum– at the US Open.

Williams unloaded on an umpire during a match last week after being warned for receiving instructions from her coach, who was captured on video gesturing to her, and for smashing her racket in anger after losing a round to her competitor.

The popular player, who lost the match, would also call the Hispanic male umpire a “thief” for penalizing her a point.

After the temper tantrum, Williams claimed that she was a victim of a sexist umpire, which only added to the spoiled child perception.

Of course, she’d later learn there were more unforeseen consequences to her actions.

Naturally, Williams’ defenders on the left responded by playing the race card.

“The cartoonist depicted Williams with grotesquely racist features and showed her stomping on her tennis racquet and spitting out a pacifier, while the referee and opponent are depicted as calm, slender white people,” declared hard-left Raw Story.

Filling the role of the day’s token white person to agree with the racist charges was author J.K. Rowlings.

“Well done on reducing one of the greatest sportswomen alive to racist and sexist tropes and turning a second great sportswoman into a faceless prop,” she tweeted.

So, not only did cartoonist Knight get hit with a racist claim, he’s now a sexist too.

As for his depiction of Williams, bear in mind she is a listed at 5 foot, 9 inches and 155 lbs. The tennis player has a voluptuous, albeit muscular, body build, to include a reported 6 D cup size and 44 inches waist.

The cartoonist responded to a female sports writer asking about men being treated in a similar manner:


But then, facts matter little to the left when on a mission:


In today’s hypersensitive post-Obama world, it seems that black Americans are above reproach. With it now being hip in pop culture to agree with the progressive left’s “critical race theory,” which claims that racism is inherent and runs rampant, criticize at your own peril.

Political cartoonists are famous for exaggerating select body features, but depicting Williams with big lips — in conjunction with the pacifier — was a point of contention for many.

Here’s a sampling of other responses from the side claiming to be the standard-bearer of political discourse.

Tom Tillison


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