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‘Thomas the Train’ gets a gender-equality makeover, with an assist from United Nations. Responses rock.

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The ever-expanding reach of liberal indoctrination has touched the fictitious island of Sodor, the setting of the long-running British children’s television series “Thomas & Friends.”

Yes, “Thomas the Train” has gone “inclusive.”

“The Thomas the Tank Engine franchise is being relaunched with an inclusive, gender-balanced, multicultural set of characters,” read a tweet from LBC, a London-based national talk radio station. “Do you agree in remaking our beloved classics to reflect a multicultural society?”

The makeover comes in partnership with the United Nations and includes travels to other countries, with the addition of two new female main characters: Rebecca and Nia.

“Through Nia, we’re able to see an African character really taking a leadership role as a female engine with lots of strong values and goals, herself,” explained Tolulope Lewis-Tamoka, a regional adviser for U.N. Women, according to CBS News.

That makes the “Steam Team” gender-balanced, with three male and three female characters.


Five United Nations sustainable development goals, including gender equality, were weaved into storylines, CBS News reported.

“There are stereotypes out there around the role a girl should play that are different from the role a boy should play but through the character Nia we are able to simplify by showing that a female engine has skills and ability and can actually get the job done just like a male engine,” said Lewis-Tamoka.

To make room for the two “strong girl characters,” two male characters were derailed.

“We’ve always had female characters but bringing them to the forefront of the show is really important. … Having that real kind of range and diversity is important so that everyone can watch the show and think: that person is like me, that character is like me, and feel represented,” said Micaela Winter, a producer for “Thomas & Friends” at Mattel Creations.

The hope is that by being inclusive and gender balanced, the beloved cartoon can stay relevant.

Whether the goal is obtained or not remains to be seen, but here’s a sampling of the responses to LBC’s tweet from Twitter:


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