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More bad news for Serena Williams. Her penalties came with fines!

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After losing to competitor Naomi Osaka of Japan during the U.S. Open Tennis Championships this Saturday, professional tennis player Serena Williams suffered another stinging setback when the tournament’s referee office announced it would be fining her for various code violations.

The violations pertained to her widely panned behavior during the match, which included allegedly receiving instructions from her coach ($4,000), breaking her racket ($3,000) and calling the game’s umpire a “thief” ($10,000), according to the Associated Press.

Some of her behavior may be seen in the video below:

The first violation occurred after the game’s umpire caught the tennis champ’s coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, gesturing directions to her from the stand.

The coach later admitted to the media that he had indeed been trying to instruct Williams, saying, “Everybody does it — you all know it.”

That sounds like an excuse …


Watch Mouratoglou giving her directions below:

Moments after being called out by the umpire, Williams reportedly smashed her racket in anger after losing a round to Japan. Because of her previous warning, this time the umpire went ahead and deducted a full point from her for receiving coaching and losing her temper.

She then lashed out at the umpire, accusing him of being a “thief,” and thus earning another point deduction for “verbal abuse.” Because of the loss of so many points, she wound up losing the match to Osaka, after which she again complained to the media about alleged sexism.

While no doubt embarrassing and humiliating for her, especially in light of the backlash her behavior has inspired, Williams’ behavior will only cost her a total of $17,000. That’s over a million less than the $1.85 million in prize money she earned as the runner-up.

Just like with Williams’ original behavior, the announcement that fines would be imposed of her has triggered an avalanche of Twitter comments.

Some have been supportive:

But many others have not:

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