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James Woods has some powerful words for Nike after watching this crazy viral shootout

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By celebrating unemployed, anthem-disrespecting NFL player Colin Kaepernick as a beacon of “sacrifice” and making him the face of its “Just Do It” campaign, Nike has chosen to disrespect America’s police officers, actor James Woods argued in a tweet Saturday.

As an example of what real bravery and sacrifice looks like, Woods linked his Twitter followers to a horrifying video that shows Cincinnati Police Department officers confronting a gunman who’d opened fire Thursday in a downtown office building.

“What’s most powerful in this video is the images of police officers having a face-to-face gun battle with the kill-crazy gunman. These are the men and women @Nike chooses to degrade, disparage, and humiliate. #StandForLawEnforcement,” Woods wrote.

Watch the video footage below:

Two civilians were killed when shooter Omar Enrique Santa Perez stormed into the building and began firing at random people. Were if not for the efforts of local cops, who “engaged the shooter within three and a half minutes of the first 911 call,” according to Police Chief Eliot Isaac, more could have died.

How Nike could align itself with someone who’s continually disrespected brave officers like these is beyond comprehension to many, especially in the light of the fact that Kaepernick once wore socks with the image of a pig wearing a police hat.

Many wonder what exactly the ill-mannered former NFL player has sacrificed in his otherwise pampered life. Some say he’s sacrificed nothing.

“Colin Kaepernick turned down an NFL contract and now will earn millions by posing as a social justice warrior for the benefit of a massive multinational corporation. Some sacrifice,” conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wrote sarcastically in Newsweek this week.

He added that this whole stunt is nothing but a “profit grab” designed to drum up Nike’s sales by appealing to the low-information Americans who’ve bought into Kaepernick’s phony cause.

“That’s their prerogative,” Shapiro continued. “But spare us the ‘Kaepernick as hero’ routine. Nike didn’t grant a ‘Just Do It’ campaign to Allejandro Villanueva (an Army Ranger who served three times in Afghanistan) or Pat Tillman (who died in the line of duty after giving up an NFL job).”

Nor have they ever afforded this sort of adulation to America’s men and women in blue.

“They gave it to a guy who has been milking publicity from supposed political courage, and now will break the bank thanks to his supposed sacrifice,” Shapiro concluded.

And by doing so, they choose to essentially “degrade, disparage and humiliate” America’s true heroes, as noted by James Woods.

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