Pence releases blistering statement refuting he’s NYT source, puts liberal conspiracy pushers to shame

After an anonymous senior White House official published an op-ed Wednesday criticizing President Donald Trump’s demeanor and temperament, liberal hacks across media and Hollywood began blindly guessing who the perpetrator might be.

Many accused Vice President Mike Pence of being the author. Bad move.

In a scathing rebuke posted to social media Thursday morning, one of the vice president’s senior staffers made it clear Pence would never stoop so low as to insult his boss behind his back, let alone anonymously.

Whether this clear condemnation of the “Pence did it” theory will silence the conspiracists touting this nonsense remains to be seen, especially in light of how many notable liberal figures put their names behind it, including hardcore left-wing nut and comedian Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel’s proof that Pence wrote the piece? The author used the term “lodestar,” and it just so happens the vice president sometimes uses that term as well. Coincidence or conspiracy?


By no means was Kimmel the only popular left-wing figure to tout such nonsense. In fact, a number of people have literally bet their hard-earned money on Pence being the writer:


Below are more conspiracy theorists:

Or the author might just be a lowly intern. Writing for Townhall, Phelim McAleer noted that the Times has a history of misrepresenting its sources. In a piece published in 2011, the left-wing publisher quoted alleged senior Energy Information Administration officials who had criticized the fracking industry. Except all the quotes were in reality derived from the same person.

“It turns out the federal analyst, the energy analyst and the officer turned out to be the same person who was actually an intern when he wrote the first email and in an entry level position when he wrote the other comments,” McAleer pointed out.

Whoever the perpetrator happens to be, he or she better be afraid, because Trump’s coming for them, and the repercussions for such a stab in the back won’t be pretty.


Vivek Saxena


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