‘White Jesse Jackson’ attempts another shakedown: Anyone over 30 has seen this movie before, Hogg

Political boycotts are hardly new to this First Amendment-loving country called America. They’ve been around since before Ben Franklin was tinkering with stove designs. But the motivations behind David Hogg, his financial supporters, their lapdogs in the media and countless unwitting useful idiots are now clearly exposed to any critical thinker, for what lies just underneath.

From his tone, syntax and delivery, young Mr. Hogg seems quite emboldened by his new-found celebrity status and power. However while we are living in brazen times where subtlety is rewarded with silence, David Hogg is perpetuating a copy-cat crime of his own – by telling large corporate interests just where to deposit millions if they don’t agree with his teenage ideology.

There’s one problem – anyone over 30 has seen this movie before: It’s called; “The Rainbow Coalition” and it drags over 30+ years with a bad ending. Protesting rabidly, appearing where there’s an opportunity, threatening boycotts – then extracting large sums of money from corporations who would rather just the Hoggs of the world go away than to fight… It has been done, sir.

Put simply: David Hogg is the new, young, white Jesse Jackson. This $5 million ‘demand’ of Smith & Wesson is nothing less than a shakedown and the cat Hogg has copied must be sitting somewhere steaming, while ordering an intern to read up on trademark law. Some background for you Millenials:

I grew up in Illinois, where – before he was run out of town – The Reverend Jesse Jackson set up shop with his, ‘Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’ and related organizations. No, it wasn’t a gay-rights thing – this was when ‘rainbow’ ostensibly meant, “people of all colors.” It was hardly that, either – but I digress.

The con went like this: 1. Find a big company, organization or corporation with a lot of money. 2. Accuse them of racism, regardless of any facts or corroboration. 3. Threaten a boycott which the media zealously covers; and #4 – BLAM! Collect pay-offs… I mean, uh, donations, to the Rainbow Coalition, other interests associated with the Rainbow Coalition (with a taste to be kicked upstairs, of course), hire members of the Rainbow Coalition to monitor progress of their demands, set up and pay for a study or consultation with the Rainbow Coalition, or all of the above.

This was big-time intimidation to the targeted companies, not wanting to risk any media coverage connecting bigotry and their brand – falsely or not. Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition” raked it in for decades, threatening businesses with boycotts and implicit violence if they did not enrich him or his organizations. The ‘why?’ is simple: Defending against cries of ‘racism’ are more expensive than just issuing a public statement and handing over some cash to the Jackson gang. This would have gone on forever, unabated, except that Jackson himself was so repugnant, referring to New York City as; ‘HymieTown’, being exposed as a serial philanderer with an out of wedlock child, lauding Castro, Che Guevara and Yasser Arafat, just to list a few attributes.

As Rush Limbaugh mocking William F. Buckley Jr. would say; “The Ah-Reeveren-da Jack-soon” is nearly a cartoon now, but a new standoff is emerging beyond Washington DC and it’s a fight which may dwarf the hustle of old Jesse. If board directors continue to give into this new, no-holds-barred fight led by David Hogg and his benefactors – it could alter this country’s political and business culture significantly:

Thanks to Facebook, Google, Twitter, the no-longer-trying-to-hide-it CNN, NBC, Times, WaPo and all the rest, a solitary spark of dissent or single piece of misinformation can quickly become a lethal smart bomb when headed directly at a brand name, entertainment personality, candidate, or corporation. Unlike Jackson and his well-known tactics – these online threats of boycotts cannot be ignored. You either fight or pay – and both are expensive.

Father of Parkland Victim Demonized for Wearing Trump Shirt: Please LIKE the Facebook page below and see what has happened since – it’s unbelievable – and not in a good way. 

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Father of Parkland Victim Demonized for Wearing Trump Shirt

Father of Parkland Victim Demonized for Wearing Trump Shirt

Posted by Shield Our Schools on Sunday, August 19, 2018

Back to the budding, new white Jesse: David Hogg has emerged as the living embodiment of a newly energized anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment movement and is the very face of the message in this new culture war. That the efforts are well-funded is a given (do you really think a bunch of high school students could organize a march on Washington in a couple days?), but after a few victories, some symbolic, some not – the ulterior camouflage has been ripped away and the enemies of liberty smell blood in the water: It started kind of silly, but as Ron said, things escalated quickly.

Soon after Parkland, remember when David Hogg, from high-atop his Twitter-feed, demanded tourists stay away from Florida during Spring Break? “Let’s make a deal, DO NOT come to Florida for spring break unless gun legislation is passed” went the young turk’s proposal. The ‘deal’ was that Hogg also recommended everyone planning on Spring Break in Florida change their plans and make the hurricane-ravaged, banana republic of Puerto Rico their preferred destination to party down. Yeah – going to take me a once-in a-lifetime senior spring break vacation where there’s no electricity, clean water or Senor Frog’s franchise. Okay, Dave.

What I don’t remember is the mainstream media doing any follow up on the numbers of Spring-breakers soaring in Puerto Rico and places like Daytona or Miami Beach folding like Amity Island after a shark fin spotting. Yet, Governor Rick Scott acquiesced, of course, quickly pushing and passing new gun legislation, none of which would have stopped the poor soul and sociopath Nicolas Cruz from his reign of terror. Typically, merely not adhering to Obama administration efforts to make school discipline more lenient, through the “school-to-prison pipeline” initiatives no doubt would have prevented the murder spree. But hey – who’s counting?

After that, David called for a boycott of Laura Ingraham after accusing Hogg of whining about not getting into UCLA. Was it a joke, sarcasm, hyperbole or just the public mocking of a loud-mouthed, public little brat? No matter, a week suspension and a weak apology was quickly issued from Fox and Ingraham because it’s just cheaper. Fact. Then, Hogg was in charge of an obvious coordinated “die-in” at Publix supermarkets for contributing to Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam, a strong Second Amendment supporter. Things get bigger and clearer from there… and more expensive.

There’s organized “grassroots” protests against brands and products aligned to Trump, the NRA, firms which give money to conservative causes, GOP candidates, etc. The NRA for its part has chosen to fight back, calling such tactics a “shameful display of political and civic cowardice.” Even the likes of Bill Maher on his HBO Show, denounced David Hogg and the people who support and fund him, stating, “You’re saying the First Amendment has certain limitations. You cannot yell fire in a crowded theater and you cannot say that David Hogg doesn’t test well… It’s a modern way of cutting off free speech.”

Maher also said Hogg “whined” about Ingraham via Twitter, noting the irony. “He complains about bullying? I have been the victim of a boycott of sponsors. I lost a job once. It is wrong. You shouldn’t do this by team, you should do it by principle.” Maher obviously has something to learn about liberals and their causes. They promptly ignored Maher and kept it up via Hogg and social media:

Both BlackRock and Vanguard appeased the Hogg, both with actions and statements.

With #NeverAgain in full swing, along with other kids from Stoneman Douglas, David Hogg took a bus tour across the country to register young voters, all paid for through the March for Our Lives Action Fund, which I’m pretty sure was not a thing until a few days after the Parkland shooting and what they did with money raised is probably going directly toward making kids safer at schools. That’s sarcasm, btw – before you boycott me.

Don’t worry, there was a therapist on the bus, along with three large security guards, probably not armed. I mean, why would you arm a security guard? More sarcasm. Shut up, the important thing was the bus carried around 20 kids and a few adults – along with a representative from Precision Strategies… Wait – what? Oh, yeah – a PR firm started by members of the 2012 Obama for Prez campaign. Everybody on the bus except David Hogg, who frequently rode separately in a black SUV with his bodyguards…

Look – I don’t know if they were armed – I hope they were. Just saying it’s weird they don’t want you to be able to protect your kids because they’re not as important as David Hogg. But you knew that.

So here they are now, having just completed a 50-mile, four-day march in Massachusetts over to the headquarters of gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, where they protested gun violence and blamed the firm for the murder of school children. Then Hogg showed the river card:

Was it a threat or demand? Smith & Wesson must fund gun violence prevention research to the tune of $5 million annually? Or else?

Question, slightly off the subject but not really: Does David Hogg or any of his benefactors truly believe that the emotion of “love” is something you use when it comes to people shooting a weapon with intent to do harm or murder? How about when people fire a weapon to protect the themselves, their families, or property?

Better yet – is love what comes to mind when a concealed gun is drawn in public to take down a sociopath midstream into a robbery or killing? How about holding a gun on a psycho until authorities arrive? What about blowing away a few rapists who break into your home and begin tying up your daughters and wife? No love toward those dudes there, my young friendo.

So then let’s deal with the economic portion of his Tweet: I’ll ask you first, who was employee of the month for every gun manufacturer, distributor, retail outlet, ammo supply or manufacturer during the 8 years of Barack Obama? … That would be Barack Obama. Every month. Every year. Why? Pretty simple – just track gun and ammunition sales during those 8 years and you know who’s framed picture was on the wall of anyone even indirectly involved in the business of guns ‘n ammo. Yes, Smith & Wesson stock price is up, but so is nearly every stock since President Trump took office, so you really can’t go by that.

But for the young, new Jesse Jackson; David Hogg – who lives in a privileged white community in South Florida with median household income over $120,000 a year – the apple doesn’t fall very far from the… wait – what? David’s father, Kevin, worked as an FBI agent at LAX when they lived in SoCal. Dad always had a gun in the house — and carried his service revolver with him even when he wasn’t working.

“I had it on my hip every time I went anywhere,” Kevin Hogg stated.  took it to David’s Little League games.”

Safe little David – lucky little guy with the caring father. His Right Shall Not Be Infringed.


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