Don’t be fooled! Impeachment ‘will happen’ if Dems take control of the House in November

In a creative way to focus on the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump — the lack of high crimes and misdemeanors notwithstanding — NBC anchor Chuck Todd played a clip of the president talking about what he believes will then happen.

To that possibility, Michael Steel, a former aide to then-Speaker John Boehner, stated the obvious in saying if Democrats take control of the House in the midterm elections, impeachment “will happen.”

“So here’s President Trump. He loves talking about impeachment,” a smarmy Todd said before playing the video clip Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

He then asked Steel if impeachment is “a great tool for the Trump base?”

“Impeachment is what will happen if House Democrats win the majority in 2018,” the panelist replied.

NBC Capital Hill reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell chimed in to say that “impeachment will be a hard barrier to come across.”

“We’re talking about impeachment, not conviction,” Steel countered.

Todd jumped in to make a comparison to President Bill Clinton being impeached by the GOP-controlled House in 1998 after being charged with lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice during the Monica Lewinsky sexual affair scandal.

“You believe it’s going to be the way the House Republicans acted in the 90s?” Todd asked. “They’re (Democrats) going to do it, no matter what.”

“Absolutely,” Steele answered.

Fellow panelist Cornell Belcher weighed in to agree, saying Democratic Party leaders are “lying” about impeachment not being a policy issue.

“What the leadership is saying right now, they’re just flat-out lying, they’re going impeach,” the Democrat pollster said.

All of which places one helluva significance on the elections results in November.

Tom Tillison


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