Anti-Trump media having opposite effect in coal country: ‘We know what we need … We need a job’

Chris White, DCNF Media reports noting concerns about possible consequences from dinging Obama-era rollbacks are apparently not swaying President Donald Trump’s supporters in coal country. Blue collar […]

Hispanic Trump supporter scorches Kirsten Powers for defending criminal illegals: Lib elites don’t live among them

Democrats continue to defiantly defend illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens, even when fellow Americans are killed by those who should not be in the country. CNN contributor […]

Arizona Gov. announces John McCain’s GOP successor, already poised to play a role in major vote

Former Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl has been named as the late Sen. John McCain’s successor. The former U.S. Senate minority whip will serve in McCain’s empty seat […]

Meet the Republican poised to take over Gowdy’s seat in South Carolina

Hanna Bogorowski, DCNF After South Carolina GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy announced his retirement in January, state Sen. William Timmons decided to try and take over his role. […]

‘Good riddance’! After a ‘horrific’ summer, Chicago Mayor Emanuel announces he won’t seek re-election

Turns out the deadly rate of gun crimes in Chicago was a serious crisis Mayor Rahm Emanuel let go to waste, as he announced Tuesday that he will not […]

Steve Scalise rips spiteful Democrats for their ’embarrassing’ display during Kavanaugh hearing

Molly Prince, DCNF Republican Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana slammed Democrats on Tuesday for emphatically stonewalling the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on the confirmation of Judge Brett […]

‘What a snake’: Cory Booker blasted for sending fundraising email simultaneously with his Kavanaugh ‘performance’

“What a snake.” Sen. Cory Booker is getting blasted for sending a campaigning email while simultaneously putting on a grandstanding performance at the start of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s […]

Here’s how Hillary Clinton’s campaign helped turn Flint’s lead problem into an actual crisis

Chris White, DCNF Toxicology experts worry media coverage of Flint’s water problems painted an inaccurate portrait of the issue Hillary Clinton’s decision to use Flint as a […]

Tucker slams Nike execs for using Colin Kaepernick as a pawn in a ‘decadent’ get-rich scheme

Nick Givas, DCNF Tucker Carlson criticized Nike executives for using former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the company’s “decadent” ad campaign and said its message is an attack […]

James Woods pulls no punches after Nike’s Kaepernick move. Wins internet for decisive, and brutal action

Actor James Woods responded as only he can to the disappointing news about Nike propping up Colin Kaepernick financially, with the company rolling out the hard-left former […]

Fireworks when Dems try to hijack Kavanaugh hearing minutes in, accused of plotting ‘coordinated protest’

Minutes into Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Democrats and protesters sought to derail the proceedings with interruptions and dissent. As Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck […]

‘White Jesse Jackson’ attempts another shakedown: Anyone over 30 has seen this movie before, Hogg

Political boycotts are hardly new to this First Amendment-loving country called America. They’ve been around since before Ben Franklin was tinkering with stove designs. But the motivations […]

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