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Weather girl attacks news anchor co-worker in Jerry Springer-style barroom brawl over boyfriend stealing

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A meteorologist and a news anchor walk into a bar, and then the meteorologist shoves the anchor, causing her to fall over and crack her head. While this might sound like a joke with a really bad punchline, it’s a true story, believe it or not.

It happened at a bar in Charleston, West Virginia, where two employees of Huntington station WSAZ got into quite the tussle over some Jerry Springer-like drama involving news anchor Erica Bivens’s boyfriend.

Bivens had been drinking in downtown Charlteston last Sunday with her boyfriend, Donald, when the couple ran into meteorologist Chelsea Ambriz, with whom Bivens works alongside on WSAZ’s daily 4:00 pm newscast.

According to a police report obtained by FTVLive, Ambriz then began flirting with Donald. He responded by rejecting her advances and dutifully informing Bivens of her co-worker’s behavior. But when Bivens  subsequently confronted Ambriz about her flirting, all hell broke out.

“Chelsea then became irate and began to shove Erica causing both of them to fall over in the bar area,” local police officer Adam Douglas wrote. “Erica told me that her ear drum had been busted in her left ear which was causing it to bleed and a large knot on the side of her head.”


Douglas added that Bivens planned to obtain an EKG scan to determine whether any other parts of her head were injured. He also wrote that he had advised Bivens to obtain a restraining order against Ambriz, but that Bivens had been hesitant to do so because of their work situation. The two literally work side by side every single day.

Watch one example from May 18:

Note: No news anchors or meteorologists were harmed in the recording of the clip above.

“At this time I am requesting a Summons to be issued on Chelsea Ambriz for one count of Battery against Erica Bivens. I have nothing further to report at this time,” Douglas concluded.

The good news for Bivens is that Ambriz has been suspended, according to unnamed sources cited by FTVLive. This was probably the best decision given as the relationship between Bivens and Ambriz had reportedly already been “fraught.”

Below is social media’s hilarious responses reaction to this whole ordeal:

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