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The moon landing, James Woods style! Gutsy actor has insider’s viewpoint and he’s not afraid to dish

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Actor James Woods took great exception to the film, “First Man,” which portrays the moon landing, because the scene where astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted an American flag on the lunar surface was not included.

Ryan Gosling, the Canadian actor who plays Armstrong, told the Telegraph the scene was intentionally left out it “transcended countries and borders.”

Never mind that it’s an insult to all Americans, including those involved in making it happen.

“But why not just present the facts as they were?” Woods asked in a tweet. “I think Ryan Gosling is a wonderful actor, but omitting the seminal moment in the midst of mankind’s greatest achievement seems a purposeful denigration of the 400,000 Americans who accomplished it.”

An American flag resting on Armstrong’s shoulder was called a “human flag patch,” in one sarcastic tweet, prompting Woods to ask: “Were those removed from the costumes as well?”

As he does so well, Woods summed up the move by noting that it’s not smart to “piss off your target audience.”

“The greatest miscalculation in movie promotion is to piss off your target audience while trying to appease people who would never be interested in the subject matter anyway. Flag hating were never going to see the moon landing movie. Now many patriots won’t either. Sad,” he tweeted.

Responding to a tweet from Chuck Yeager saying, “That’s not the Neil Armstrong I knew,” Woods tweeted: “Sad, because the filmmakers are top quality. There must have been some kind of pressure to eliminate the quintessential moment of man’s first walk on the moon.”

Woods also shared a tweet from one of the men who placed the American flag on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, who called that scene his “proudest moment.”

“One of the single greatest moments in the life of every living American at that time. @TheRealBuzz – a true hero in every way,” Woods tweeted.

He also shared a quote from Margaret Thatcher about climbing Mt. Everest to say: “How could filmmakers not grasp this basic concept?”

Perhaps, it’s because liberal Hollywood doesn’t like America all that much anymore.

Tom Tillison


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