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Chuck Woolery compares Jesus’ funeral to McCain’s ‘distasteful’ mess. Media admits to ‘biggest resistance meeting, yet’

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Though a rare occurrence, every once in a blue moon even the liberals in the mainstream media tell the truth. Such was the case after the late Sen. John McCain’s virulently anti-Trump funeral Saturday.

First up was The New Yorker columnist Susan B. Glasser, who readily admitted in a piece published later that evening that McCain’s funeral “was the biggest resistance meeting yet.”

“Donald Trump’s name was never mentioned. It didn’t have to be. The funeral service for John Sidney McCain III, at the Washington National Cathedral, on this swampy Saturday morning, was all about a rebuke to the pointedly uninvited current President of the United States, which was exactly how McCain had planned it,” she wrote.

Fact check: True.

McCain’s vindictive daughter, former President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush all needlessly took either direct or indirect potshots at President Donald Trump.

Second up was NBC crybaby Martha Raddatz, who admitted the day after that the funeral had been “as much a censure of Donald Trump as an embrace of an American hero.”


Thank you for the rare honesty.

It’s no wonder so many Trump supporters took offense to the late senator’s funeral, including outspoken conservative actor Chuck Woolery.

“Even Jesus, our savior, had a simple Funeral. I’m sorry. I just can’t hold back with all this pomp and ceremony. I find it rather disturbing and distasteful,” he tweeted Saturday.

Many other noted conservatives shared this sentiment:

They were right. As Glasser pointed out in her column, the funeral “was a meeting of the Resistance, under vaulted ceilings and stained-glass windows.”

Nothing better highlighted this than the outrageous applause that broke out after McCain’s daughter Meghan took a direct shot at the president by saying her father’s funeral represented “the passing of American greatness” versus the “cheap rhetoric” of Trump.

“Her eulogy was then interrupted by applause, the first time I have heard such a thing at a funeral in that great, cavernous, and sombre Episcopalian hall,” Glasser noted.

It’s probably fair to assume that “climate change” fanatic Al Gore, who also attended the funeral, was among those who cheered in glee.

Among the few who actually showed up Saturday to show respect to McCain versus trash-talk Trump were the president’s daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner. They were kind enough to attend after being extended an invitation McCain’s closest buddy, Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Yet in return for attending, Ivanka and Jared were excoriated on social media and got to listen as Meghan insulted their father and step-father, respectively. How nice of her …

What’s sad is that the same media that were willing to tell the truth about McCain’s “resistance” funeral will never admit the real reason so many Trump supporters dislike him and his family. Ironically, nothing better exemplified the reason than McCain’s own “resistance”-theme funeral.

Vivek Saxena


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