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Bill Clinton ‘leering’ at Ariana Grande at funeral goes viral; leave it to the Dem to blame her choice of dress

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A Fox News panel found plenty to talk about after Ariana Grande’s performance at Aretha Franklin’s funeral left Bill Clinton with a “priceless” look on his face.

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum spoke with a panel on “The Story” Friday about Grande’s tribute to the Queen of Soul who died last month at the age of 76 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

The former president, along with Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and the controversial anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, sat directly behind Grande as she sang Franklin’s iconic hit “Natural Woman” during the funeral at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple.

“These guys are staring at her from the back- I mean, look at these guys!” MacCallum exclaimed.

Fox News contributor Marie Harf blamed Grande’s wardrobe.

“If I were Ariana Grande, I would have worn something longer,” the former Obama State Department spokeswoman said, apparently forgetting how Democrats are supposed to be all about feminism.

Instead, it was MacCallum who defended the pop singer.

“She didn’t realize she was going to be standing like- it’s like a bad version of American Idol,” she said.

“That is not appropriate to wear at a funeral, even Aretha Franklin’s funeral,” Harf asserted. “She could have worn something a little longer with some sequins.”

“I thought she looked great,” MacCallum countered. “It’s not her fault that those guys were leering at her.”

“The look on Bill Clinton’s face is priceless,” Kelly Jane Torrance of The Weekly Standard added. “It’s familiar, but priceless.”

Harf then noted that memes have been shared on the internet of what Clinton and Jackson could have been saying to one another while watching Grande’s performance.

“Oh, good lord!” MacCallum responded. “The performances were beautiful but that was like a comedy of errors.”

Grande was also the subject of a bit of controversy involving Bishop Charles H. Ellis III who was leading the funeral. The bishop extended an apology after some outrage that his hand was positioned too close to the 25-year-old pop singer’s breast.

Meanwhile, Twitter was filled with images of Clinton’s adoring gaze.

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