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Ingraham exposes how mega donors are pushing socialist candidates, bankrolling big bucks to remake America

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Laura Ingraham warned that recent political events show that far-left billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer are uniting in their efforts to remake America.

“Big Democratic donors have begun to support some of the hard left socialist candidates that have emerged on the scene recently,” the Fox News host said on “The Angle” on Wednesday, noting how they both “put their money behind” Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum who won the Democratic Florida gubernatorial primary.

The progressive candidate, who Ingraham called an “African-American, male version” of New York congressional candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, pulled off a surprising victory and was supported by the likes of Soros and Steyer.

Soros, who during the 2016 election campaign spent $25 million on Hillary Clinton and other leftist candidates and causes, has already spent $15 million on Democrats this year. The radical left-wing billionaire has funded the liberal Center for American Progress, MoveOn.org and the Open Society Foundation.

Ingraham pointed to Steyer, a San Francisco-based financier and philanthropist who is circulating videos urging people to join an impeach Trump petition, as “the single most important Democratic donor in the United States” as he has pledged to spend at least $30 million to elect progressives.

“Steyer also bankrolled Gillum’s campaigning and he saw him as basically a new and almost improved version of Obama because he was more left wing,” Ingraham said.

“Like Soros, Steyer is not content to support the Democrat … establishment,” she explained. “[He’s] bankrolling far-left radicals who will upend the political system. That’s where his mind is.”

Ingraham suggested that as Democrats seem to be trying to keep the topic of impeachment “at arms length,” they are actually “letting the billionaires boys-club do their dirty work for them.”

“Steyer is using his billions to ensure the candidacy of newly-minted socialists who he hopes will swamp America, the whole electoral landscape, for the Democrats,” she said.

“Here’s the irony: Both Soros and Steyer, of course, made all their dough being aggressive capitalists,” Ingraham noted. “Now that they have billions, they want to spread the gospel of socialism that is devastating countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua.”

Ingraham concluded by admonishing conservatives to not see the socialist trend as just a fad, making sure to redouble efforts to educate young people about the “false promises and dangers of socialism.”

“And we have to support conservative candidates,” she urged, “to repel this leftist advance. If we don’t act now, you can expect Tom Steyer’s impeachment petition to grow, grow longer and longer.”

Watch full commentary from “The Angle” via Fox News in the video below:


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