Hannity wrecks CNN in devastating monologue. Plays montage of breathless ‘bombshell’ reporting.

Sean Hannity left CNN nowhere to hide in a scorching opening monologue aimed at the network’s lie over a bombshell report on President Trump.

The Fox News host slammed CNN on “Hannity” Wednesday over the “latest in a long list of shady, anti-Trump reporting,” focusing on the network’s stand behind a “faulty” report in July about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

In “breathless reporting” back in July, CNN cited anonymous sources in its report about the claim by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen that the then-candidate knew about the infamous meeting between his son Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer in Trump Tower before it happened.

Despite Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis backtracking on the allegation, and revealing he was one of the sources even as the network claimed he refused to comment, CNN continues to stand by its reporting.

“We now know that the source for the report- the main source for that report was Michael Cohen’s attorney, our old friend Lanny Davis, who backpedaled and reversed his story, making all the reporting you just saw Fake News at its worst,” Hannity said after playing a montage of CNN’s “breaking news” reports on the topic.

“And it’s just the latest of a long list of shady anti-Trump reporting from CNN,” he continued, noting how CNN took a shot at the president on Twitter.

“Make no mistake, Mr. President, CNN does not lie,” the network tweeted in response to Trump’s jab at them for “being caught in a major lie.”

“Really? And CNN wonders why crowds of Americans have singled them out. ‘CNN sucks.’ They say it, they chant it,  they scream it and the network still can’t even admit when they get something wrong,” Hannity continued.

“Despite CNN’s long history of abusively biased, flawed reporting, the 2016 Trump Tower story was literally cheerfully picked up and repackaged by every news network back in July. Most of them at least admitted they were wrong,” he said, noting how the major networks gave an excessive amount of airtime to the original report but did not give the reversal by Davis much attention at all.

Meanwhile, CNN continues to self-righteously declare that it is objectively covering real news and refuses to clear the air on the Davis debacle.

The network instead appears to be addressing the controversy while painting it as a “scandal among the ‘right.'”

Frieda Powers


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