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‘Are you kidding me with this B.S.’? CNN digs itself even deeper after brutal Twitter battle with Trump

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It was at exactly 4:44 pm EST this Wednesday when the “news” network known as CNN stepped into it so deep that it may very well need the help of FEMA to ever pull itself back up again. Why did CNN do it? Who knows. But it did, and it’ll be paying for its mistake for long time to come.

But first flash back to 3:43 pm that afternoon, when President Donald Trump posted a tweet to Twitter slamming the habitually disingenuous network for its most recent bout of fake news.

“CNN is being torn apart from within based on their being caught in a major lie and refusing to admit the mistake,” he had written in reference to CNN’s continued refusal to fess up and admit that its recent reporting on the infamous Trump Tower Meeting was bogus.

On July 27 the network ran a since-debunked story claiming via anonymous sources that the president had been aware beforehand of his son Donald Trump Jr.’s plans to meet with a Russian individual at the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting.

The sources specifically claimed that the president’s former attorney Michael Cohen had been present at a pre-meeting where Trump Jr. had told his father about the then-upcoming Trump Tower meeting.  The Washington Post later identified the sources as Cohen’s own attorney, Lanny Davis, after which he himself walked back his claims and admitted he’d fibbed.

But instead of conceding that its July 27 report penned by veteran reporter Carl Bernstein was total hogwash, CNN has continued to defend its flawed reporting.

“Sloppy @carlbernstein, a man who lives in the past and thinks like a degenerate fool, making up story after story, is being laughed at all over the country! Fake News,” Trump’s Wednesday tweet continued.

Now guess what happened when the president rightly called out CNN for its shoddy reporting. It doubled down again, issuing a rebuttal at 4:44 pm riddled with self-important platitudes about how wonderful of a “news” network it allegedly happens to be.

“Make no mistake, Mr. President, CNN does not lie,” CNN tweeted via its official Twitter account, ignoring the myriad of examples that prove otherwise: here, here, here, here, here, etc.

“We report the news. And we report when people in power tell lies. CNN stands by our reporting and our reporters. There may be many fools in this story but @carlbernstein is not one of them.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the moment all hell broke loose. As of Thursday morning, CNN’s tweet had garnered over 13,000 replies, the vast majority of them brimming with outrage.

Here are just a few samples, starting with a tweet from Trump Jr.:

The last reply was a real doozy because it was indicative of a larger trend of CNN shedding its audience like dog fur as it continues to tread further and further to the far-left.

When people tune in to CNN, they do so expecting to hear the news. For the past couple of years, however, they’ve instead been greeted by constant, never-ending left-wing dogma of the most absurd type. This is CNN.

Vivek Saxena


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