California becomes first state to eliminate bail for the sake of ‘equality’

The Founding Fathers envisioned individual states as laboratories of democracy, and  Democrats in California, led by moonbeam Gov. Jerry Brown, are fulfilling the role of mad scientists.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Tuesday that effectively eliminates bail for many suspects in the state, according to Fox News.

“Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly,” Brown said in a statement.

The Democrat-controlled state legislature passed the legislation to ensure equality among those charged with crimes, putting those without money to post bail on the same footing as those who can. The ACLU said it also corrects racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

These same progressives who let illegal aliens to wander the state unmolested are spinning the release of more potentially dangerous suspects as a means to “protect public safety.”

If only Democrats were as concerned about hard-working, law-abiding citizens as they are with coddling the criminal element.

More from Fox News:

In lieu of bail, suspects will be gauged under a risk-assessment system, although the details of the program, which will take effect in October 2019, were not immediately clear.

Suspects looking at serious, violent felonies won’t be eligible for release prior to trial but the majority of suspects arrested for nonviolent misdemeanors will be let go within 12 hours of being booked, according to the legislation.

The bill gives officials 24 hours to determine whether other suspects should be released before trial. That time can be extended by 12 hours if necessary.


The move is a growing trend among progressive Democrats set on reforming the criminal justice system in America.

District attorneys in Manhattan and Brooklyn announced in January that they will no longer require bail for most non-felony cases, and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo supports ending cash bail statewide.


Tom Tillison


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