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‘Smack down!’ Don Jr pulls no punches when Chelsea Handler takes a swipe at Trump family loyalty

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Donald Trump Jr. walloped so-called comedian Chelsea Handler, who just had her show canceled by Netflix, on social media when she tweeted a joke about President Donald Trump’s oldest son flipping on him.

Offering the Trump-hating Handler a little career advice, the president’s namesake skewered her in urging her to avoid politics, telling her there’s “no reason to suck at two things.”

“I’d say stick to comedy but you weren’t funny enough to avoid cancellation of your Netflix show. Stay away from politics — no reason to suck at two things,” he tweeted.

But Trump Jr wasn’t finished, reminding the Trump Derangement Syndrome poster child of her insistence on leaving the U.S. if Trump was elected president, now that she has so much free time on her hands.

“Hey Chelsea, now that your show is canceled it’s not too late to make good on your promise. Really no excuse for you to stay anymore,” he tweeted.

Perhaps, Trump Jr show try his hand at comedy!

Of course, this isn’t the first time Trump Jr. has gotten the best of Chandler, as seen last year when she dumped on brother Eric and his wife, who were expecting their first child — except she misspelled “genes” in the process, spelling it j-e-a-n-s.

Here’s a sampling of the reaction to Trump Jr’s more recent slams from Twitter:




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