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Fed-up John Sununu calls out Alisyn Camerota for exploiting McCain’s death, and she’s not happy about it

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If ever there was a moment that captured just how obsessed CNN is with smearing President Donald Trump, it occurred Monday during an interview with John Sununu, the former chief of staff to President George H. W. Bush.

The reaction to the sad display was best summed up by The Federalist’s Sean Davis: “If anyone at CNN had the ability to feel shame, there would be widespread embarrassment at the network for this atrocious interview by Alisyn Camerota. It’s beyond parody.”


CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota was tenacious in trying to get Sununu to comment on reports the White House drafted a statement praising Sen. John McCain, but Trump would not approve its release. In a very measured, stately manner, Sununu refused to play along.

Sununu discounted a report from The Washington Post, and when Camerota replied that CNN also reported on this, he said “the same thing applies.”

That prompted an awkward silence from the seemingly stunned Camerota.

“Governor, I don’t appreciate you denigrating our reporting,” the CNN anchor told the former governor of New Hampshire.

Like a dog with a bone, she refused to let it go, continuing to push him to respond.

“You asked me to come on to talk about John McCain,” Sununu reminded Camerota. “I’m here to talk about John McCain as I remember him, I’m not here to talk about the press’s handling of a difference between the White House and the press corps at this time.”

He went on to say we should be “looking at the positive side, not trying to create a division.”

Camerota would not be deterred, prompting a further dressing down.

“It is this effort by the press to accentuate the negative,” Sununu told her, “that I think has created the climate that prevents in the long term the bipartisanship John McCain supported, and I don’t want to be a part of rubbing whatever salt there is in whatever wound there may be because I think that just adds to the division.”

“I’m not here to play the political games that some of the press want to play at this moment of what I think is great sorrow for the country,” he added.

Camerota tried to claim they’re not playing a game and Sununu dismissed her with a harrumph, and while he did his best to redirect the focus back to McCain, she stayed on the narrative of attacking Trump over the statement to the very end — prompting him to tell her, “You appear to be here to talk about something that you think you can exploit.”

Here’s a sampling of the reaction to the shameful interview from Twitter:

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