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It’s Florida, man! Naked dude on a bike zigzags through I-95 traffic, surprises Miami commuters

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“Florida man” strikes again!

It must be the sun baking our brains here in Florida, coupled with humidity so thick you can almost walk on in, but bizarre scenes like a naked man bicycling on I-95 seem to happen only in Florida.

A video shared online captured the odd occurrence, and while it’s not clear where the man is headed, it’s certain that he’s in a hurry to get there. Showing no modesty about exposing the family jewels, he stands in his seat to get maximum pedal power, zigging and zagging as he does.

The man, wearing sneakers, pink socks and a string for a Speedo, could have been rushing back to wherever he left his pants. Or not.

But he did add to the list of things to distract drivers, as noted by Tampa Bay Times’ Craig Pittman.

And here’s another shot of our hero from a Sun Sentinel report.

The Florida Highway Patrol received calls about the man, but he was long gone by the time officers arrived in the area, according to local reports.

It is against the law to ride a bicycle on an interstate highway. Even in Florida.

Tom Tillison


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