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‘What the hell is the NFL doing?’ Trump rips into CBS and ESPN for not airing national anthem

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President Donald Trump blasted ESPN and CBS after the liberal networks announced they will no longer broadcast the American national anthem before NFL football games.

“What the hell is the NFL doing?” Trump asked. “Do they not have a clue? It’s hurt them badly too. They think they’re doing something smart by not broadcasting the national anthem. That’s CBS and ESPN, folks.”


President Trump made the remarks at a fundraiser for the Ohio Republican Party in Columbus, Fox News reported. He said the NFL, ESPN, and CBS are only hurting themselves in the eyes of the American public by not airing the national anthem.

ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro announced last week, “Our plan going into this year is to not broadcast the anthem.” CBS then hopped on the anti-American bandwagon.

In 2017, millions of football fans turned off their TV sets and canceled their game tickets to protest the NFL’s disrespect of the national anthem.

Unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick launched the protests in August 2016, when he hijacked football games by refusing to stand for the anthem.

Legless veteran stands for the national anthem.
This brave military veteran lost his legs defending the flag and the nation that Colin Kaepernick disrespects.

Other players later joined the protest, which caused irreparable damage to the NFL’s popularity and brand.

Fans disgusted by the injection of liberal politics into their leisure time boycotted the league in droves.

Kaepernick claimed he stopped standing for the anthem to protest police brutality against black men. But he did nothing when blacks were killed by cops (both black and white) during Barack Obama’s eight-year presidency.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick does not even bother to vote, and says nothing about the countless black-on-black murders that occur every day across the United States.

Every weekend, there are numerous shootings/murders in Chicago, the hometown of Obama — the nation’s first African-American president. Almost all are black-on-black crimes.

Tellingly, Kaepernick, the NFL, and Black Lives Matter do not protest these senseless murders. Apparently, black lives do not matter when other blacks end them.

Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American sentiments were confirmed after records show that he donated $25,000 to a group that honors convicted cop killer and domestic terrorist Assata Shakur.

After being jailed for murdering New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster in 1973, Shakur broke out of prison and fled to communist Cuba, as BizPac Review previously reported.

Shakur, a former member of the militant Black Panthers, was on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List at the time she fled the country.

The mission of Assata’s Daughters (named after cop killer Assata Shakur) is to continue the work of the anti-police Black Lives Matter, a group Colin Kaepernick passionately supports.

Great job, NFL! Lotsa luck filling stadiums this season.

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