Karma: She refused to sell her house to Trump supporters, now it’s $100,000 lower

A coastal elitist who used her complaints about President Donald Trump’s alleged “deep” lack of morals to justify discriminating against his supporters just suffered a “deep” hit to her wallet.

The trouble for the unnamed California woman started when she put her Sacramento home for sale back in the spring. At the time the woman requested that her real estate agent not sell the home to anyone who supports the president.

“When you’re talking about principals, morals, and ethics, it’s very, very deep,” she had said to the media in defense of her clear-cut discrimination.

Discrimination is neither principled, moral or ethical, but OK …

Now fast forward to Friday, when word broke that the woman finally received an offer on her home for $495,000, a whopping $130,000 less than its original listing price.



But there’s more. The woman’s current real estate agent, whom she reportedly switched to sometime recently, denied being aware of any discriminatory restrictions. This suggests the woman got rid of the anti-Trump stipulation after backlash.

What remains unclear is whether it was the woman’s since-discontinued discrimination that caused her home’s price to drop so drastically. Ryan Lundquist, a local home appraiser, argued the price difference was likely due to the woman’s home originally being overpriced.

“Part of the problem was, it looks like it was priced like it was remodeled, when it really wasn’t,” he said to The Sacramento Bee, before conceding that discriminating against half the country had been a terrible idea nonetheless.

“Why would you want to isolate your audience of potential buyers?” he asked. “Politics can be so divisive today, and the truth is that most buyers don’t care about the political affiliations of the seller. I’ve never met a buyer that said, ‘I’m only gonna buy if the seller voted for Bernie (Sanders)’ … people just don’t say that.”

Sane people don’t. People suffering from Trump Anxiety Disorder, on the other hand, do.

Despite Lundquist’s theory regarding the price drop, many on social media weren’t convinced:

As of Saturday morning, the unnamed woman had yet to accept the $495,000 offer. Whether or not she accepts the offer, it would probably be in her best interest to not pester the buyer about his or her political affiliation.

Vivek Saxena


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