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Fox News’ Neil Cavuto takes on angered Trump fans after his pent-up explosion against POTUS

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After another one of his scathing monologues against President Donald Trump, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto was flooded with angry mail from viewers.

On his show Friday, after admitting he knew he would  “get an earful” over his remarks, he read some of the hate mail on the air.

“Well I knew I would get an earful after those comments and, sure enough, I did,” Cavuto said Friday after playing a short clip from the monologues in question.

The Fox News Channel anchor of “Your World” slammed Trump on Thursday for inconsistent statements and not telling the truth, going through a list of controversies in response to the president’s claim in a Fox News interview that the stock market would crash if he were impeached.

“I know you’ll call this fake, but the implications of what you’re doing, Mr. President, are very real,” Cavuto had declared. “You are so darned focused on promoting a financial boom that you fail to see that you are the one creating this moral bust.”

On Friday, Cavuto responded to messages from angry viewers.

“I could just do the predictable thing now and narrow down all the nasty – sometimes really nasty – responses, and I almost did,” he began. “But today, something different.”

He then explained that the messages were grouped into categories based on why viewers were enraged by his attack on Trump. Cavuto noted there were 10 overall categories and said he was “surprised” at how many of the thousands of responses could be grouped into the top 10.

One of the categories of viewer criticisms was that Cavuto “just hates Trump,” to which the anchor replied that he’s always respected the president’s “business skills” and has said such over the 30 years he has reported on him. He also recounted how he never dismissed Trump’s run for the presidency.

Another category of criticism was that “Cavuto’s a left-wing lunatic,” which he denied as just “wrong!”

The criticism that Cavuto is angry because Trump has not granted him an interview “just slays me,” the anchor said, adding, “I don’t want an interview with the president.”

Some of the other criticism categories included “Cavuto’s a RINO and RINOs hate Trump,” as well as “Cavuto is trying to be relevant,” and “Cavuto wants to be cool.”

“I actually think I’m cool precisely because I think I’m not cool,” Cavuto fired back, remarking many times about the number of fat-shaming comments by viewers.

The segment included clips defending his positions, jabs about the criticisms and commentary including why he does not engage in social media personally, which he finds is full of “silly and petty exchanges.”

In the final category that “Cavuto is just desperate,” one viewer named Ollie called the anchor out as a “scaredy cat phony,” and said his “toupee is faker than he is.”

“Ollie, you hardly know me,” Cavuto responded. “If looks can be deceiving, we might be amazed these days that this prompter reader, I can handle quite a bit.”

Frieda Powers


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