‘Insanity!’ Heads explode when whopping salaries of San Fran’s ‘Poop Patrollers’ revealed

San Francisco’s plan to combat thousands of complaints of human feces in the streets will be costing taxpayers a whopping $100 million.

Members of the six-person Poop Patrol, the brainchild of Mayor London Breed and Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, will be earning a sizable income from their new occupation, up to $185,000 in salary and benefits for each member of the human waste task force, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Last month, a report revealed that this year in the city, over 16,000 feces-related complaints were made to city authorities.

According to the Chronicle:

San Francisco Public Works has a $72.5 million-a-year street cleaning budget — including spending $12 million a year on what essentially have become housekeeping services for homeless encampments.

The costs include $2.8 million for a Hot Spots crew to wash down the camps and remove any biohazards, $2.3 million for street steam cleaners, $3.1 million for the Pit Stop portable toilets, plus the new $830,977-a-year Poop Patrol to actively hunt down and clean up human waste.

(By the way, the poop patrolers earn $71,760 a year, which swells to $184,678 with mandated benefits.)


Not bad for a job that doesn’t kick in until afternoon when the one supervisor and five street-cleaners hit the streets with disinfecting machines and Hazmat suits.

While the amount seems eye-popping, it is only a sliver of the city’s new $11.1 billion budget that includes $700,000 set aside by the Department of Public Health for a 10-member, needle cleanup squad. Those employees will be making $19-an-hour and the team has its own minivan.

“So, let me see if have this straight,” Glenn Beck reacted to the report on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Thursday. “I’m [hypothetically] working in San Francisco. I’m just working at a deli and I’m paying taxes to San Francisco, and I have to go home and clean my house. I’m paying taxes so the people who come and poop in front of my house … they have a housekeeper?”

The inviting salary for the Poop Patrol raised many questions – and expected jokes – on Twitter.

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