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Dershowitz unleashes fury on biased Brit who dares to ask, ‘where is moral backbone of America?’

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Just like the “reporters” and “journalists” in America, members of the British media tend to harbor a lot of unrepentant bias. In the case of Channel 4 New’s D.C. correspondent Matt Frei, that bias manifested itself Wednesday during a since-viral discussion with legal scholar Alan Dershowitz.

While speaking with Dershowitz about President Donald Trump’s current legal woes, particularly in regard to the payments he purportedly made to several women during the 2016 presidential election to keep them silent about his alleged affairs, Frei asked a preposterous question about all of America.

“Those of us looking over from the other side of the pond might ask, ‘Where is the moral backbone of America these days?'” he said to Dershowitz.

His implication had been that America relinquished its moral backbone when it elected an alleged adulterer to office. Has the 54-year-old “journalist” ever asked similar questions about former President Bill Clinton, who had once coerced a White House intern into giving him oral sex in the Oval Office?

Never mind all that, though, because as Dershowitz noted in his blistering reply to Frei, the Brits have no room to complain about America’s moral backbone, period.

“Where is the moral backbone of Great Britain to have as the head of the Labour Party a virulent anti-Semite, a virulent hater of Jews and the nation state of the Jewish people?” he replied, referencing anti-Semite and terrorist apologist Jeremy Corbyn.

“Don’t lecture us about our political system as long as you have Jeremy Corbyn, who may potentially become the next Prime Minister of England. Shame on Great Britain for allowing that to come to pass.”

Frei responded by arguing that Corbyn would deny these allegations. While true, the Labour Party leader’s denials mean nothing in the face of the growing body of evidence showing Corbyn to be a man who outright dislikes the Jews.

As noted by former Israeli Minister of Finance Yair Lapid during an interview in 2016, “He has got a problem with Jews.”


Did you notice how the reporter kept shaking her head in disagreement? That was because the British media are as blind to their leftist leaders’ sins as America’s left-wing media are to theirs.

To them, bigots like Corbyn are the good guys, while the millions of Brits who voted for Brexit and the millions of Americans who voted for Trump are the bad guys. But it’s clear from the leftist media’s support of everything that’s wicked in this world that it’s them who are truly without a moral backbone.

Vivek Saxena


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