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Twitter seeks comment from Ocasio-Cortez after Trump’s ICE deports ACTUAL Nazi criminal from Queens

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Even as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raid the home of a true-to-life Nazi collaborator in Democratic congressional nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district.

Even as the self-avowed democratic socialist calls for ICE to be abolished.’

Now a frail old man who may be the last known Nazi collaborator living in the U.S., was arrested by ICE agents and will be deported to Germany.

More from ABC News:

At the order of President Donald Trump, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents removed 95-year-old Jakiw Palij from his Queens, New York, home on Monday.

Justice Department officials say Palij served as an armed guard at a death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland and later lied to American immigration officials about his role in those atrocities when he entered the U.S. after the war.


To be clear, the deportation was at the behest of President Trump, as US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell explained in an appearance on Fox News.


An alleged real life Nazi being detained while Ocasio-Cortez rails on about make believe Nazis, as the left often characterizes ICE agents.

A characterization she encourages when outlandishly claiming that ICE is running “black sites” at the border, and falsely declaring that the agency tasked with enforcing immigration laws has a bed quota, being “required to fill 34,000 beds with detainees every single night.”

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich couldn’t help but note the irony of Ocasio-Cortez calling for ICE to be abolished as they remove a war crimes suspect from the district she’ll soon represent.

Newsmax TV host John Cardillo made a similar observation:

Here’s a quick sampling of other responses from Twitter:


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