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Move over parents, California law will insist on plain milk or water for all kids meals marketing

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Move over California parents, your state has got this.

In yet another authoritarian move, the state of California is getting ready to yield its power over its constituents and businesses with a bill that pushes only unflavored milk or water to be served with kids’ meals.

After sailing through the state’s assembly, Senate bill 1192 is dangerously close to being signed into law and only needs on more vote before it hits Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk to become official, The Hill reported.

The bill would make plain milk and water the default drink to come with all kids meals throughout the state. Meals would need to marketed with milk or water instead of juice, pop, or other “sugary” unmentionables.

A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that two-thirds of children between 2 and 19 drink at least one sugary beverage a day and found soda can link to diabetes, heart, kidney and liver diseases and is in favor of the bill, according to CBS news.

While other cities around the country, including in California, have already adopted similar polices, California would become the first to make it state-wide.

And not everyone is happy about it.

Ken Barnes, a Forbes contributor from Sacramento, says the decision should be up to the parents without the intervention or manipulation by the government.

“I’m old enough to remember when my mom would say “put down that soda, drink some water if you’re thirsty,” Barnes said in a tweet.

“Seriously, like, what’s next?” Assemblyman Matthew Harper, R-Huntington Beach, asked. “Are we going to insist that you have to have kale in your salad unless you specifically ask otherwise?” the Sacramento Bee reported.

Options other than milk and water will still be available upon request, but the bill does not specify if there will be an extra charge for ordering outside of the government’s mandate.

Given the fact that California lawmakers have pondered jail time for restaurant servers who hand out plastic straws, you can probably count on it.




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