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Here are the critical races to watch as GOP faces tough battle to hold onto House

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Pollster Scott Rasmussen stopped by the Fox News studio to talk about a shift in momentum leading up the 2018 midterms.

Noting that the Democratic Party needs just 23 seats to regain control of the House — which would likely result in Nancy Pelosi taking possession of speaker’s gavel again — Rasmussen said the party is favored to pull the feat off, having a 7 point advantage on the congressional ballet, as he highlighted some of the races to watch.

There are 40 competitive races scattered across the country, with 37 of these contests involving incumbent Republicans, Rasmussen said. Democrats must take 15 of them.

And Rasmussen thinks that’s a very real possibility.

“A good night for the Republicans means they will barely hold onto the House,” he said.

There are four races where Republicans have a chance to steal Democrat seats and if they pull this off, Rasmussen suggested they’d likely hold on to the House — you can expect plenty of money to flow into these races.

In the event the GOP loses all four of these races, Rasmussen then stressed just how important 21 toss-up races become.

He said the state of Minnesota could be critical in this scenario, having four of these races.

The pollster said if Democrats win the four races mentioned above, along with the other races they are expected to win, they would just need to win 11 of these 21 races to win control of the House.

When asked about the key issues in November, Rasmussen pointed to the economy, health care and immigration.

“Those are the top issues now,” he explained. “Democrats are more focused on health care, Republicans much more on the economy, very conservative voters are focused on immigration. That will be key to the turnout.”

And he stressed, “without a doubt,” that Republicans have more of an uphill climb, so election night could prove to be a stressful night for the right.

Tom Tillison


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