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Antifa ‘are the real fascists … so, where’s the outrage?’

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DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

The Daily Caller’s video columnist Stephanie Hamill called out Antifa for being “the real fascists,” on “Fox & Friends” Monday, and asked why there isn’t more public outrage at their behavior.

Hamill has attended several Antifa protests and said she’s been trying to sound the alarm on their organization for years.

“I love that you guys bring up where’s the outrage. I have been asking where the outrage was all weekend, this morning. In fact I have been asking where the outrage is about Antifa for the past couple years now,” she said. “Antifa, they claim to be the anti-fascists, yet they’re the ones that are the real fascists. They’re the ones that are trying to silence people that they disagree with. They’re the ones that are bringing violence to protest.”

Hamill claimed things got out of control at a Second Amendment rally in Seattle where Antifa was present and said a gun rights supporter was attacked and beaten until he was bruised and bloodied.

“And so, again, where is the outrage?” Hamill continued. “We saw one of the Second Amendment supporters was beaten up and bloodied … What really bothers me is the silence from the left. I haven’t heard a word from the Democratic leaders. They’re not saying anything about this. And when they are silent, when the media ignores this, they embolden and empower the so-called anti-fascist. They feel like they are on the right side.”

“We get it, everyone hates Nazis,” she concluded. “Everyone hates white supremacists. And we’re not okay with that but the problem with Antifa is that they’re labeling anyone and everyone that is patriotic or a Trump supporter as Nazis. I’ve been called a Nazi by Antifa.”

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