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Trump really skips the media, releases weekend video pep talk on Twitter

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President Donald Trump touted the booming U.S. economy and said the days of “horrible trade deals” with other countries are over.

In a video address released early Saturday, the president declared that nations that once “took advantage of us” are no longer doing so.

“For many years, I’ve been complaining about the horrible trade deals that our country was making,” Trump said. “Our presidents and their representatives were just not treating our workers fairly, they  weren’t  frankly treating our companies fairly.”

“Those days are over,” Trump announced.

The president noted that companies are “pouring back” into the U.S. and  we now have “fair deals.”

“Our jobs were lost, our taxes were lost, our businesses were lost,” he added, repeating that “those days are over.

“We’re making great trade deals, we’re charging tariffs on certain countries that haven’t treated us fairly,” the president explained. “They can’t believe what’s happening. They’ve never seen anything like it.”

While the U.S. is “doing well,” Trump said, “other countries are not doing well at all.”

“I wish them the best but they’ve taken advantage of us long enough,” Trump concluded.

Looks like Trump is making good on his campaign promises to “make America great again.”

Frieda Powers


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